Jane Adams – Introductory Level 2 Teacher

Jane started Iyengar yoga in her first term as a student in 1979 and had several wonderful teachers around the London area over the next 20 or so years. Iyengar yoga was becoming better known as the Inner London Education Authority had agreed that they would only teach that system. Lucky for them! Jane has been doing yoga ever since and finds it hard to imagine life without it. She finds it very beneficial for general wellbeing and cultivating a calmer and kinder approach to life’s ups and downs.

Jane trained as a teacher with Sheila Green after moving out to Herefordshire and gained her Introductory Certificate in 2006. She attends Sheila’s intermediate classes on Monday evenings as regular practice with a teacher really brings benefits. She has been lucky enough to be able to go to Pune twice to study with the Iyengars in their home institute and takes the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars led by visiting practitioners from India or some of the many very experienced British teachers.

Jane’s classes

The Iyengar method allows students of all capabilities to work safely and to the best of their ability. Jane’s classes are suitable for men and women of all ages. They use yoga to improve strength, flexibility and balance but also to relax and recuperate.

Jane teaches on Tuesday mornings at the Hereford Yoga Centre in the Foley Trading Estate, Hereford and on Thursday evenings at the Inner Place in Ledbury.

Contact Jane

email: Jane@JaneAdamsYoga.co.uk or jane.m.adams@btinternet.com
phone: 07890 137821 or 01981 540695
website: www.herefordyoga.co.uk